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We work closely with you!

Our Design and Build Process


Discovery Session

Together we will identify your needs (what is required : copy, new images, e-commerce). We will discuss what can be achieved and what the timeframes are as well as the cost. We’ll work out what functionality and tools you will need for your website and will set goals to achieve your project expectations.

We will come up with examples of websites and define scope and desired functionality. A proposal will then be submitted.

On acceptance of the quote, a deposit will be paid at this stage.


Start of the Design Process : Plan out the sitemap of page
Suitable themes will be chosen and we will create several mockup webpages to organise how your website content will work and flow together and how these pages will be structured in a meaningful way to make for easy navigation for your visitors.

Feedback will be obtained.




Content will be provided. We will then create a Website Framework which is where most of the work will be carried out, building functionality, navigation flow and content. This website prototype is built in the browser to show functionality, form and flow to show how a visitor will experience your website (no design is included at this stage).

Design + Feedback

Feedback and approval of the prototype has been approved we start the fun part, making it look gorgeous. At this stage I will integrate all of your branding, photos and imagery. I will also make the functionality and tools work



Testing + Launch

I will run your website through it’s paces: test on different browsers, screen sizes, squash any bugs and ensure everything is running smoothly. Then it’s time to launch your gorgeous new website into the world.

Continued Care

If you’ve signed up for my Website Care program I will continue to support you and your website. I’ll take care of all of the behind the scenes tech to make sure your website continues to perform perfectly.